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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lucky Seven

Benedict is 7 months old today... The past month has been a plethora of new foods and tastes. He loves green beans, peas, avocado and just yesterday we tried carrots. He eagerly eats anything but unfortunately the barley and oatmeal upset his tummy so we are waiting and reintroducing that later on. He is a crawling machine and speeds all over the house now. He does this peek a boo game where he hides his head and if you shout " peek a boo" he giggles and looks right up at you. It has been fun watching his personality blossom. He tends to be more serious than my others but I think he is just in awe at all the activity going on around him. He is copying some hand gestures so I have been doing baby signs with him the last two months and I noticed he makes the cup sound when I show him his cup. I have always done sign language with all my kiddies and I noticed it really helps the communication process as toddlers. He still loves looking at his button face in a mirror and his favorite thing is utube videos of his cousin Stevie. He laughs and laughs wondering how that baby got inside the phone?!?!
Today he goes for a well baby check up and I am sure he has grown as he is getting heavy! My little lucky 7! How I love him!

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