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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Shield

Julia is on the peak of "that" age. You know the age where all of a sudden she goes from girl to young woman. Boys are not merely play pals but objects of interest. Her poor dad is not going for it at all. He still sees her as the three year old that screamed bloody loud at the Lions football game right after kickoff and he and her had to leave the entire game because the "scary" people kept talking about a lion!
Our Julia is an old soul I always have said that. She is not swayed by typical things that young girls waste their worries on. I thought it interesting on Tuesday night in catechism that they made shields of faith. A shield to protect them against sin. She put pictures of her family and love and kindness and health on her shield. I wish I had a shield sometimes. Even as a mother I feel the pressure to measure up against others. Julia told me her shield was symbolic of God protecting her and giving her things in her life to remind her if the right path. Thank you to her teacher for this idea.

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