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Friday, January 6, 2012

Cooking up Trouble

Tomorrow Benedict is 6months old! He has been here for half a year! I can not believe it. At 6 mos. I introduce solids and it is a BIG deal! I always let Tony give the first taste of real food since he misses out on a lot of the feeding fun the first six months. Kids and I will stock up on fresh veggies as I do the greenies first before any sweet fruits. It is a process but nothing but the best for my growing baby boy! I know once he gets the taste of his first donut or sip of pop my efforts of healthy organic fruits and veggies will have some competition but for now it is all about healthy choices. Side note: the cookbook used in his picture was given to me by my mother and I was going to set him in the pot but he wouldn't fit. Too big!

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