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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Coincidence or Not?

Dear Julia,
I came across something last night while cleaning out my night stand. After further investigating I realized the awesome gift I had given myself and you in the future. In April of 1997 right before I married your daddy, I was in a bookstore and fell in love with a memory book written from a mother to her daughter. Recalling my own mother had given me a poetry book one year for Christmas I decided to buy this book. Mind you the thought if children was merely a wish or hope let alone a little girl. I bought it anyway and began filling out what I could. Imagine my joy and surprise in 2001 when I discovered my firstborn would be a girl. I recall digging thru boxes and finding said book and thru the years have been filling it out for you and writing my memories of you in it. When you turn 18 you will receive it. Here is the awesome work of God: I had thought I had lost the poetry book given to me back in 1990 by Nana. When I looked in my nightstand last night there it was sitting under your book. I don't keep much in my nightstand and I am generally a tidy person. I looked thru it and read a few poems and decided it would be a perfect book to write in and add stuff for your sister. So now I wonder...how did that book get in there? Coincidence or not? We know the answer to that don't we!

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  1. I am so glad you kept that book all these years, and will now be able to pass it on. Maybe they will pass their books on too and someday someone will read them and see the love there was between Mother and Daughter.