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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Clover Beach

Once a snow season Tony takes the girls sledding down our town's biggest hill. It is a local hot spot for sledding so he tries to time it when there are little or no crowds. With our recent car pool situation and the fact that we are shuttling to church until Tuesday, he decided Sunday morning would be perfect time. The girls woke up and downed a bowl of oatmeal and then they bundled up and went off to sled. I am normally at home making the cocoa and warm bread or pastry for when they return. Blaise and Benedict stayed home with mommy, and I think big brother had his first taste of feeling left out. The hill is way to steep and long for him and I didn't feel comfortable thus year with him going. Next year he will have his debut. Meanwhile he looks out the window glumly and comments on how much fun they are having and when they will return. I am remembering the year Emerson stayed home because she was too little and I recall the same sadness...I suppose it is a life lesson that we learn. It doesn't make it easier but next year while Blaise joins the sledding club I will have Benedict peeking out the window thinking the same thing. Call a rite of passage....

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