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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Birthday Boy

My boy is four years old today! I have a little confession to make. When I first heard I was having a boy after two girls I was petrified! I knew nothing about boys. I knew Tony was thrilled as all men what a boy to carry on the family name, play ball with, and do guy stuff. Blaise's delivery and labor was treacherous. I was so terrified and then to have this baby boy with boy parts handed to me I felt so insecure. Four years later, my guy is the joy of my life. Oh sure he is rough and tumbly, his dirty finger prints have graced every inch of the house and yet he is a little gentleman. He holds the door for his sisters and I shouting "ladies first", he is affectionate and sweet and has a true desire to make his mommy and daddy proud. He absolutely loves his baby brother and as of yet has not shown one single ounce of jealousy to the baby. I am so thankful for my boy. I can not believe he is a mini Tony already. He loves to do legos, play with cars, and read about trucks. Happy Birthday Blaise! You are turning into quite the gentleman and we are so proud to have you as our son! Love, Mommy and Daddy

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