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Sunday, December 11, 2011


After a rough night I decided to keep it light today. Due to a pending doctor appointment tomorrow I am having the kiddies do the main curriculum today. This is beauty of homeschooling you can plan it around your family schedule. What I failed to remember is I had another pile of laundry waiting. In an effort to be mindful of wants and needs I have minimally been purchasing Benedict's clothes! Well big boy did a number on me and we are out of long sleeve onesies! Oh no! Thankfully I had been given some super cool t shirts for future use! He had his choice this morning batman, spider man or Thomas the train! You can see what he chose now he just needs his Robin and I need to go shopping! (that sounds more fun than laundry anyways). Oh and in case you wondered the legos are still in my closet and will remain there for a bit! I will keep you posted on that one!

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