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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ernie and Wanda

When Tony woke up today and I told him what Julia and I wanted to do all day today as far as remembering our departed ones he immediately mentioned his grandpa Ernie and grandma Wanda. This is what I remember about them: the first time I met them they welcomed me into the family with warmth and love. Grandpa had a twinkle in his eye and Grandma proudly showed me her beautiful garden by her house. I know where Tony gets his green thumb from. What really inspired me was the devotion and love they had for each other. I remember thinking I hope Tony and I can live such a long fulfilled life as them! I searched for a picture but I can't find one. If I do I will post it later on today!


  1. How wonderful! I love your blog, Jennifer. Thanks for including Wanda and Ernie. This post brought tears to my eyes!

  2. My mother in law just let me know today was actually Grandma's birthday and at noon, intentions are being said at mass! One special lady she was!