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Friday, December 30, 2011

Rocking around the Clock

Ok so this was the theme we came up with for our New Years Eve slumber party. Julia helped me make the invites and we decided attire would consist of pjs all day long. I love thinking of themes for parties but I struggle with what to feed them? My mom suggested Fridays potato skins so we are going to try them. I also am letting kids experiment with ice cream and hot cocoa, egg nog, pop, and juice. I never let the kids drink this stuff so when I bought it you should have seen Emerson's eyes bug out! Good thing this is a once a year deal. We are buying a confetti cake as my baking pans are on vacation after the Christmas rush. For games we are playing find the alarm clock, and an hour by hour present hidden in bags. Each bag contains: party hats, balloons, blowers, silly string...all the necessary new years eve celebratory stuff. I also am having a fireworks stomp. It consists of bubble wrap placed all over floor. You basically let the kids go crazy jumping and popping and it sounds like fireworks. I haven't mentioned this one yet to Tony! Happy New Year Dear!
To wrap it up the girls are camping out until midnight watching A Dolphins Tale and waiting for the ball to drop. I am hoping to make it until midnight I never have as of so far but there is a first time for everything right?

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