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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre Party Mode

Tomorrow is Julia's birthday. She wants an owl theme. I don't mean a cute pink princessy girl theme either. She has requested no pink! She wants brown, orange and turquoise! There will be no silly pin the tail on the donkey games for her! I have been informed when you reach double digits it is more about the experience and less about the "goody bags" and prizes! So we ordered owl pellets to dissect and we are engaging in a mad scientist experiment. The house needs to be decorated, she wants to make two owl cakes, and I have to prepare the backyard for a mouse and owl hunt and search expedition. As a mother of a soon to be 10 year old I don't know what the tween or teen years will bring. I do know I spent many nights over a three year period crying and praying for a child. God certainly blessed me and though a mother has no favorites you never ever forget your bond with your first born child! Here is a sneak peek of tomorrow....

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