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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Letter to our kids

Dear Julia, Emerson, Blaise, and Benedict,
Daddy and I started this blog to record our memories of you guys and journal our hopes and dreams for you guys. Tomorrow people will open up presents of iPads, laptops, beer of the month, toys and wii games. Some will be searching for the ultimate gift to fill some deep need internally. Their will be a few small things under our tree for all of you but never forget the greatest present you will receive which was the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ! You won't need a gift receipt, or batteries and you won't have to worry if it fits. It is truly the greatest gift ever and should never be replaced by a box with some material possession inside. Daddy and I love you all very much and hope and pray every Christmas eve you will remember this letter. If you should happen to forget just remember Mommy always has a healthy dose of mother's love and a pinch of guilt to help you remember! Merry Christmas my loves!

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