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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keep the C in Christmas

On Sunday we had family movie night! It was julia's turn to pick a flick and she chose "Keep the C in Christmas" it was centered in a small town in Alaska and the town was battling one man to put up a nativity set on public property. Throughout this movie they kept saying keep the Christ in Christmas. I didn't know then what impact the movie would make on Emerson until yesterday. All day I found her telling people Merry Christmas. At walmart getting detergent, at library getting books she wrote a note to the librarian, and she even made a card for an unbelieving relative that she wishes me to mail. I don't ever push, force or nag the kids to do certain things so when they do it sometimes takes me by surprise! I asked her last night why she kept doing this and she said maybe if enough people believed they would spread the word to those in Alaska that don't believe! Lol! Her innocent concern does make me think though!
Merry Christmas!

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