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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day to Play

My neighbor has two adorable little girls that Blaise plays with. We had planned a morning playdate set with pancakes and coffee. She texted last night her little one has pink eye so we cancelled. Blaise was devastated. He woke up at 2am anticipating his pals coming over. Such disappointment for a little boy. I was feeling bad and then realized I had nothing planned for today. A whole morning to be thankful for. Blaise and I got to work making plans and decided we would play legos, build a fort, and then read some stories. Normally my type A personality would tell me there are a zillion other things I should be focusing on. But the idea of getting on the floor with the kids and playing sounds like pure bliss. I hope the neighbor girl feels better soon but I am sort of a little teeny bit thankful for pink eye!

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