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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Did I really think we would get any school done today? The girls woke up with visions of candy corn dancing in their heads! We have been working since beginning of August so it didn't bother me too much to call off studies and have some fun. Sometimes learning comes in the shape of teamwork as they play a ghastly scavenger hunt game. Exercise is had by all as they run around the house playing attack of the bat and gross science experiments become the rage! For lunch the cafeteria is serving sliced fingertips (hotdogs) bloody veins(dyed spaghetti noodles) and eyeballs (hardboiled eggs) for dessert.....blood red velvet cake and spooky punch! We will attempt to construct a Halloween village made out of Graham crackers and play pin the tail on kitty! The library is having a spooky time tea party and then it is off to trick or treating. My trick for Tony is not the fake mouse in his shoe like last year....but something far more spookier! My treat for him will be that I will take the kids and their friends out tonight and he can sit at home in the toasty warm house with some cider. Here's something funny...one of our neighbors is also our dentist! He gives out large candy bars...job security he says!

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