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Monday, October 31, 2011

All Saints Day

Today is an important holy day for our faith. Normally the family goes to mass and then takes a moment or two to remember those that have departed. We also celebrate the saints and their lives they lived for God. I used to find this day so gloomy and sad. Who wants to think about death or mourning the loss of a loved one or thinking about ones own mortality. These are not things a young family wants to ponder. Last year Julia made a prayer list of family members that she may or may not have met that have passed on. My mother in law was crucial in helping me compile a complete list, for Tony has a much larger family. With each name we added we tried to tell her something special about that person. Today I plan on periodically reminding her and myself and anyone else about that special someone. With death comes new life. Looking at Benedict reminds me of that every day.

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